Every business needs quality supplies. Most home offices use second-rate supplies and could benefit from more professional equipment. The Sharp EL-1750V Printing calculator is a solid calculator with multiple functions and options. The calculator has a large display with two-color printing options (black and red) and a speedy printer. Operation of the calculator includes a calendar, cost-sell margins, memory keys and various other options. The device has an AC adapter with battery-power options for portability.

Pull out the insulation sheet for the memory protection battery. You will see the little piece of tape with an arrow on it on the back of the calculator, toward the bottom.

Press the “Reset” switch on the back of the unit. Reset the date and time by switching the switch from "GT" to "Rate Set" and pressing the two-digit month, the “decimal point” button (a single dot in the center of the key), the two-digit day, the “decimal point” button, the four-digit year, the button with the clock on it, the two-digit military hour (4 p.m. is 16; 5 p.m. is 17), the “decimal point” button, the two-digit minutes and press twice the button with the clock on it.

Locate the power switch. "Off" turns off the power, "." is non-print mode, "P" is print mode and "P.IC" is print-and-item count mode.

Install the paper. The paper feeds directly into the back of the calculator with the roll of paper unrolling clockwise as you look at the roll from the right-side of it. Don't tear the paper before inserting it as this will cause a jam. Once inserted into the slot in the rear, press the "Feed" button, which looks like a piece of paper with a vertical arrow on it, until the paper is through the machine and install the paper roll onto the hanging bar.

Download the manual for advanced-use instructions. The manual is available for free at Sharp.com (see Resources).