California-based Aurora manufactures dozens of shredder appliances, from basic strip cut shredders to high-security confetti shredders, designed for the home and small office user. Though designs and settings vary by the specific Aurora shredder model, several general troubleshooting strategies can identify any problems you're experiencing and resolve the underlying issue so you can get back to destroying your sensitive documents and files.

Verify that the Aurora shredder is turned on. Flick its power switch to the "ON" position, typically located on its front or top panel.

See if the shredder is plugged into a working power outlet if it won't turn on when you press its power button. Check the building's circuit breaker. If the outlet is on a light switch, check to see the switch is in the on position. If you are using an extension cord, try plugging the shredder directly into the wall outlet.

Inspect the Aurora shredder's setup if it's on but won't shred. The appliance's top shredding unit must be correctly locked into its bottom wastebasket or it will automatically freeze for safety reasons and not shred. Turn the appliance around so you're facing its back end. The top unit's bottom plastic tab must be inserted into the notch in its wastebasket. Reposition the appliance's top head if needed.

Wait for the shredder to cool-off if the shredder has been used for an extended period of time, and is getting hot to the touch, or if it shuts down midway through a shredding job. Overheating causes the appliance to shut down as a safety feature. Aurora recommends turning off the appliance and letting it cool for 60 minutes before resuming use.

Call Aurora's customer service center toll-free at 800-327-8508 if you still cannot get your shredder to work correctly. Technicians are available every weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Alternatively, email the company for help at [email protected].


Never put your fingers or other body parts near the Aurora shredder's shredding mechanism. Keep it out of the reach of small children.