Clearly labeled folders help you organize files and streamline office workflow. Pendaflex is a hanging file system created as a tool for office organization efforts. Don't cut corners and write information on the tabs using a pen or permanent marker, which can become messy or illegible. Instead, print Pendaflex tab inserts on the office printer using everyday word processing software. Use the inserts included with the file system or replacement inserts sold at local office supply stores.


Labels can be printed easily in most word processing software programs. Look at the Tools menu and choose the type of label desired.

Finding the Label Option in Software

The Pendaflex system labels come as one long perforated sheet. This sheet corresponds to standard label formats included in common software programs. Measure your tabs, which should be similar to major brands of hanging file insert 2-inch tabs. Most systems come with tabs 1.5 inches wide. Use the label creation tool in your selected word processing program to print the tab inserts.

For example, in Microsoft Word versions, open a new document, and then go to the Tools menu. Navigate through Letters and Mailings in the drop-down, then choose Envelopes and Labels. More current versions allow direct access to Labels without requiring navigation through other options. Corel WordPerfect gets to the same spot in a new blank document. When it is opened, drop the Format menu tab down to Labels. Both software programs then open a "label tool" popup box.

Choosing the Pendaflex Label Template

First, select the type of label desired – in this case, a label that matches the format of the tab inserts. Most programs have the variety of Avery, Office Depot or Staples labels pre-programmed. For example, the Avery Insert Tab Label 11136 is similar to many Pendaflex insert tabs. While scrolling through label numbers, a sample label layout appears next to the choices. It will also provide measurements of each label. Scan the template choices to see if there is a match to the tab inserts. Select the label format, and continue with printing.

If no label format matches the Pendaflex label size, search templates for brand name labels like Avery or Staples. Some alignment adjustments might be required even with existing or downloaded templates. Do this in the Label Tool pop-up box, as either "alignment" or "margins."

Printing the Labels

After you choose the label type, define whether to print a sheet of the same labels or different labels. Now create the document. Enter the data for printing, and review the label sheet prior to printing. Print a test sheet on regular paper, and compare it to the label sheet, making sure it aligns properly. Go back and adjust margins, shifting vertically or horizontally as needed.

Once the file is set, go to the printer and determine if the blank label inserts need to be placed in the paper feeder or tray in a specific manner. Load the blank labels accordingly. Adjust the feeder alignment so the labels are directed properly through the printer. After the paper is loaded, select Print in the word processing program.

Saving Labels as Templates 

Both Microsoft and Corel allow you to save a label template in the document File drop-down menu. Once you have created a set of sheets you intend to use again, save the file as a template to easily access it. Save it to the desktop or a specific file location that's easy to remember.