A QuickBooks invoice automatically prints two pages when the customer invoice contains more data than can fit on one page. The second page of the invoice has the same header, footer and format as the first. This is how the templates are designed in the software. QuickBooks users can create a consistent two-page invoice by using the design layout feature in QuickBooks.

Choose "List" then "Manage Templates" from the menu bar. The Templates window will appear.

Highlight the QuickBooks invoice form, either product or service, depending on your business. Choose the "Templates" button below the list of forms, and choose "Edit Template" from the choices displayed. The Basic Customization window will appear.

Choose "Layout Designer" in the box at the bottom right of the screen. The Layout Designer window will appear, displaying a portion of the invoice you have chosen for editing.

Choose "Zoom Out" at the top right of the screen. The whole invoice will now be visible, with ruler bars along the top, measuring 8.5 inches, and down the left side, measuring 11 inches. This is the paper size of the invoice.

Choose "Margins" and change the bottom margin to 2 inches. This will communicate to QuickBooks that the page ends at this point, and a new page will begin.

Scroll down to view the bottom of the invoice. The dotted lines that surround the columns will show the printable portion of the page. Right-click the box for the data columns, and drag the bottom of the column above the dotted line.

Right-click the box for the "Total," the "Dollars" and the "Sample Data." Drag each of these just above the dotted line. This will ensure that the customer totals show on the first and second pages.

Choose "OK" and the Layout Designer will return to the Basic Customization. Choose "Print Preview" and review the placement of the information. If you need to make changes, return to the Layout Designer. If not, choose "OK." The two-page invoice will now be ready to use.


Create a test invoice, entering your billing information. Use print preview to check for additional changes. To print page numbers on the invoice, edit the invoice template. From the Basic Customization, choose "Additional Customization." On the Print tab, click the box for "Print page numbers on forms with more than two pages."