A simplified memo is a memo that communicates important information in a shorter and quicker way than in a traditional memo. It features many of the same attributes of a traditional memo, but you can print it on plain stationery, according to the Walters' World Computer Classroom website. Simplified memos should have only a few lines of text in the memo body.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Word-processing program

  • Printer

  • Computer paper

Type "MEMORANDUM" in all caps, and center it at the top of your word-processing document. Your margins for an 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch document should be 2 inches on the top, 1 inch on the bottom and 1 inch on each side.

Hit the "Enter" key twice, and write the date in the following format: "October 10, 2010."

Hit the "Enter" key four times after the date, and write the recipient's name in the following format: "Susan Jones, Accounts Payable Clerk."

Hit "Enter" twice, and write the subject line in all caps as follows: "INVOICE FOR TAILORING SERVICES."

Press "Enter" twice, and write your message. Do not indent your paragraph and keep it single spaced. Keep your message short—about one to five sentences. Remember to double space between paragraphs within the memo.

Press "Enter" four times, and type the sender's name followed by a comma and his title as follows: "Amy Wood, owner of Woody's Tailoring."

Hit "Enter" twice, and type the typist's initials. Follow the initials with another double space and the word "Attachment" if you have another document to attach to the memo, such as an invoice.