How to End a Professional Letter With Your Contact Information

by Tina Amo; Updated September 26, 2017

Business letters include standard pieces of information, such as the sender’s contact information. It is a common practice to place your contact information at the top of the professional letter when you are writing on paper, but the rule is reversed when you are sending the letter via email. In this case, your contact information appears at the bottom of the letter. The location may be different from that of a hard copy letter, but the arrangement is the same.

Step 1

Type the date two spaces from the top of the page so that it is left-justified. Write out the month and include the year.

Step 2

Write the recipient’s title and name one space below the date. Write the street address on the next line. Write the city, state and ZIP on the following line. Type the name of the country on the next line if you are sending the letter to an international address.

Step 3

Leave a space after the recipient’s address and write a salutation. Include the recipient’s title with the last name. If you know the recipient personally, you may use the person’s first name instead.

Step 4

Start the body of the letter one space beneath the salutation. Compose the body in paragraphs. Keep a blank line of space between each paragraph.

Step 5

Write your closing one space after the last paragraph. Make it left-justified so that it is aligned with the date and the recipient’s address.

Step 6

Leave one line after the closing and type your name. Type your street address after your name and type your city, state and ZIP code on the following line. Provide your telephone number beneath your address and your email address on the next line.

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