Communicating with employees takes many forms and one of the most versatile is the memo. Memos are naturally short and to the point and business managers may produce them in both hard-copy and electronic format. The traditional ending point of a memo differs from some other correspondence as there’s no real close. A memo doesn’t end with the sender’s name; instead, it just stops after all integral information is included.

Open the saved memo and navigate to the bottom of the page.

Summarize the point of the memo in a non-embellished, short format, such as “So, in conclusion, please bring your best ideas and a writable tablet device this Thursday at 2pm to the Janofsky conference room.” You’re providing the memo version of a research paper’s conclusion statement.

Type a line providing information where memo recipients can seek out more information, such as “If you have questions about these changes, contact Rose Herman in Human Resources at extension 277.” Other options include putting an email address or link to your intranet or other Web page to provide additional help.

Leave the bottom of the memo blank; you do not have to add closing remarks such as “Sincerely yours” or a “from” line, since it already appears at the top of the memo.