Thorough cleaning of your coffee shop not only looks good for customers, but it will keep the place free of problems such as insects and mice. It also prevents health code violations. People want to know that the place where they eat and hang out is clean, keeping them coming back and recommending the place to friends.

Espresso Machine

Remove the machine's portafilters that hold espresso. Make sure they are free of grinds. Backflush according to your cleaning detergent's directions; run the pump for 20 seconds and repeat three or four times. Lock the portafilter into its correct position and start the pump. This causes pressure buildup that opens vents and sends excess pressure back into the water reservoir, which moves the detergent through the screen and removes excess oils and buildup out of the machine's system. Wiggle the portafilter to encourage removal of residue that clogs holes. Loosen the portafilter and hold it while starting the pump on the espresso machine. As the machine fills with water move the portafilter back and forth for additional cleaning; note that water might splash out. Scrub remaining residue out of the portafilter with a brush and wipe the shower screen with a damp cloth. Run water through the machine again to get rid of leftover detergent and wipe the entire machine down.

Drip Coffee Maker

Cleaning a coffee maker is a lot less complicated than cleaning an espresso machine. A drip coffee maker can accumulate coffee grounds, grease and other buildup. Remove the filter from the basket and fill the reservoir with a 1:1 water and vinegar solution. Run the coffee maker and turn it off at the brewing process's halfway point. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and run it again so all of the solution has passed through. Run the coffee maker again with water for rinsing purposes and repeat after 10 minutes. Clean plastic machine components with a baking soda solution (4 tablespoons per water pot).

General Store Cleaning

Clean all surfaces including display cases and other glass surfaces such as the door and the coolers. Use a vinegar and water solution (1:1) or other sanitizer to wipe down all tables, chairs and counters. Clean and stock the bathrooms, mop the floors and wash all dishes. Restock items such as cups, bagged tea and coffee, condiments and bottled beverages. Wrap unused pastries and check the expiration dates on food items. Discard any items past their expiration dates. Prep food items for the following morning if necessary. Remove the nozzles from the soda machine if you have one and soak them overnight in club soda. Wash the machine's drip tray. Take out the trash.