An easy way for a nail shop to lose business is to not be properly stocked. Not only does a well-stocked nail shop keep customers from walking away, it can keep them walking in. A properly stocked nail salon permits its nail technicians to express their utmost creativity while sending the customers away as walking advertisements.


Sanitizers are not only essential nail shop inventory items, they are required items for salons in every state. Every salon is mandated by state regulations to thoroughly sanitize all reuseable implements. The sanitizers must be recorded in Material Safety Data Sheets, and each cleaning and sanitization should be logged. The sanitizers should include germicidal cabinets, jars and liquids for implement sanitation, as well as surface cleaners and hand sanitizers and soaps.


The implement inventory list should include all the tools and devices needed to provide all the services offered by your nail salon. This include all manicure implements such as files, cuticle nippers and cuticle pushers, as well as brushes, brush cleaners and nail buffers.

Artificial Nails

Salons that specialize in artificial nails, such as acrylic and fiberglass nails, must have the required inventory to complete these services. The nail shop will require items such as acrylic and primer brushes, primer, nail glue, artificial tips or molds, acrylic powder and monomer, nail blocks, drills, drill heads and replacement bits.


Most, but not all, nail clients will want their nails polished at the end of their nail servicing. The nail shop should always be well-stocked with nail polishes of all colors and shades. The color variety will not only provide more options for the clients, it will promote more creative options for the technicians.

Include a large amount of airbrush color selections. Always keep plenty of clear polish and finishers in the inventory, as clear polish is used more than any other color, including as a base coat, top coat and finisher.

Art Supplies

Nail art options are limited only by a nail technician’s ability and the customer’s request. If the nail shop has technicians that specialize in nail art, keep the art supplies well-stocked. The supplies can include everything from rhinestones, glitter and diamonds to stripper brushes, air brush stencils and stick-on art.


A full service manicure or pedicure includes a massage of the servicing area. Include massage creams and exfoliators in the inventory list. The section of creams and oils should include fragrance-free items for clients who have sensitive skin.