Knowing how to properly ship a computer can save you hassle and money. Computers are valuable items that require adequate shipping preparation. There are many options from packing to speed-of-delivery service levels. Proper packing techniques and online shipping alternatives are a necessity to saving money.

Online Shipping

You can save money by scheduling your computer shipment online. By far, the United States Postal Service is the cheapest way to ship a computer if you purchase a shipping label online. You can purchase a shipping label from the comfort of your home, and you only need to know the package dimensions and weight.

Discount Rates

Shipping services charge by the delivery service level. When customers want fast shipping, they pay extra. Fast shipping includes overnight air, which will cost much more than standard base service. The cheapest shipping rate will be the standard service. Expect your package to take a few days to reach the final destination. Keep in mind that the cheapest service has a weight limit of 70 pounds to qualify for the standard rate.


If you properly pack the items yourself in your own box, you will save a significant amount of money instead of having the carrier service pack the box. Keep in mind that a computer has sensitive internal components easily damaged by vibration or dropping the box without proper padding. You should always fill the remaining box spaces with packing bubble or foam to protect the computer from damage.

Security Considerations

Never identify the contents of the box on the outside, as thieves often target boxes that appear to contain valuables. Be sure to use ample packing tape to secure all edges of the box so it is less likely to accidentally open. You can reduce cost of shipping if you exclude insurance, but it’s often a smart idea to insure valuable items. Without insurance, you are responsible for lost or stolen items, which could cost you thousands of dollars.