You have several documents that you need to get into one binder. But some of the documents are legal size, while others are the size of a regular sheet of paper. Legal-size paper can be a bit of a hassle to get into a regular binder because of the extra 3.5 inches of length. However, there are binders that are made for legal-size paper. You can also fit the paper into a smaller binder by folding it and strategically placing the paper punch holes.

Things You Will Need
  • Legal-size binder

  • Regular-size binder

  • Three-hole punch

Punching on the Long Side

Punch holes with a three-hole punch into a legal-size piece of paper lengthwise, on the 14-inch side. Be sure to line up the paper so you punch holes into the top left side of the paper. Don't punch holes in the middle of the sheet; you won't be able to fit it into the binder.

Place the sheet of paper in the binder.

Fold the bottom part of the paper so it fits within the binder.

Punching on the Short Side

Fold the legal-size piece of paper in half, so it measures 8.5 by 7 inches.

Line the 8.5-inch side, not at the fold, but at the opposite side with a three-hole punch. Line it up so the punch only punches two holes into the paper, rather than three.

Place this piece of paper into the binder.


Buy a legal size binder. These are available at most office supply stores and online. They're the size of a legal piece of paper. The binder rings in the binder are located so you can punch holes in the legal paper without having to make adjustments to the three-hole punch.