These days, many people are trying to eat more healthy foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables right from the garden. And everyone is looking for ways to bring in extra cash. You can take advantage of both these trends by opening a fruit and vegetable stand. You can sell produce from your own garden or orchard, or you can buy produce from other sources and sell it in your stand. This might be a great business idea for kids and teens during the summer months.

Start a Fruit and Vegetable Stand


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Locate a source of produce. Most people use a stand to sell fruits and vegetables they grow themselves, offering whatever is in season. Another option is to buy directly from local farmers or orchards. If you do not live in a rural area, you could find produce at a wholesale store such as Costco or Sam's Club.


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Decide where to locate your produce stand. Choose a location that is visible and highly trafficked by potential customers. If you set up in an indoor location such as a garage or barn, you need to put up signs so your customers can find you. Another option is to have a mobile produce stand, selling and delivering produce door-to-door.


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Set up your stand. A basic stand consists of a flat, elevated surface for displaying your produce. You can use tables or, if you are handy, you can build your own stand. Your stand can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.


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Create signage for your stand. You want to attract the attention of potential customers and let them know what you are selling. You can buy signs from an office supply store or create your own signs using pain and cardboard or wood.


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Decide how much you will charge for your produce. As a starting point, check out how much similar produce costs at your local supermarket and see what other stands are charging. People might pay a little more than supermarket rates to get really fresh produce, but you don't want to be the most expensive stand in the area. If you bought produce from a local farmer or wholesale distributor, price your produce so that you earn a profit.


Before you open your stand, check with your local city or county government to see if you need to get a permit or meet other regulations.