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by David Coodin ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Leadership conferences can last as short as an afternoon or as long as a week and are often as much about building connections between participants as they are about teaching leadership skills. Whether you're dealing with students or professionals, workers or executives, adults or young people, you can keep people engaged and inspired by giving your leadership conference a compelling theme.

Inspiring Themes

Organize your leadership conference around an inspiring theme that will encourage attendants to become good leaders themselves. Try something basic such as "The Building Blocks of Leadership," "Putting the Pieces Together" or "Explore Your Possibilities." Motivate with soaring themes such as "Unleashing Your Inner Potential," "Reaching for the Stars" or "Climbing the Ladder of Success."

Fun Themes

Use a fun theme for your leadership conference if you want the seminar to have a lighter atmosphere. If your conference is people already in the workforce, try a nostalgia theme. Pick a period that your participants may be familiar with and have warm feelings for. If you're dealing with young professionals, just going 10 years back in time takes them back to when they were kids. Encourage participants to dress up in clothes from their youth to lighten the mood. Try a theme such as "The Games We Play" to show how so much of leadership is knowing the rules and taking a role in directing a group activity. Set the room up with various board game stations to let people practice their leadership skills.

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Movie Themes

Many themes derived from popular movies have direct ties to leadership. Try using the theme from "Mission: Impossible" and make all participants into secret agents whose mission is to become a better leader. Use the theme from "Ghostbusters" to get attendees to get rid of their inner "ghosts" of self-doubt and tentativeness. Use the theme from "The Lord of the Rings" to discuss how leadership works in the movie, where different people must come together to fulfill a quest. You can also use it to show how power can blind people to everyday realities.

Themes for Kids

Teaching leadership skills to children and teens is equally as important. For a leadership conference for young people, try a theme such as "If I Were the Teacher, I Would..." to encourage students to think about being leaders. A theme such as "Playing Together" or "Cooperating Works!" can lend themselves to showing children that a good leader knows how to share responsibility and power. Try the Dr. Seuss theme, "Oh, the Places You'll Go" to motivate kids to think about the future and how their leadership skills can get them there.

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