Bussinesslink.gov states that every successful business begins with effective leadership training. Leadership training is the process of developing, educating and inspiring people in positions of authority with the tools and knowledge necessary to be an effective leader. Using different leadership training methods helps to affirm the same lesson or information in a variety of ways so that leaders can internalize the information and put it into action. Leadership training methods include lecturing, role playing, leadership activities and discussion groups.


Lecturing is commonly used as a verbal training method. Accomplished leaders will lecture on various leadership topics based on experience. For example, a manager from a large retail chain may share the experience and lessons learned in the area of customer service and conflict-resolution. Lecturing is communicated using an outline with specific points and organizational flow. Some people may use visuals or a note sheet to help listeners grasp the concepts and ideas.

Role Playing

Role playing is a method used in leadership training that allows the leaders-in-training to participate and interact with learned leadership skills such as interpersonal communication. For example, two leaders are selected to come to the front of the room and act out a scenario such as an employee needs to be confronted on his consistent tardiness to work. One person plays the role of the leader and the other plays the role of the employee. They act out the situation while the other leaders-in-training observe. At the end of the scenario the observing leaders provide feedback to the situation and help educate one another on ways to be more effective.

Leadership Activities

Leadership activities are short team-building objectives that teach basic leadership skills such as team work, organizational communication and listening skills. An example of a leadership activity is for the leaders-in-training to join hands and stand in a circle with their backs to one another. The team sits on the ground in a circle, then each member is told to let go of each other’s hands. They are then instructed that the objective is for the entire team to stand up together, at the same time. The team will have to communicate on how to accomplish the task and work together to do it.

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are a training method that allows a group of leaders to share their personal wealth of knowledge and experience with one another. These groups encourage feedback, suggestions, questions and opinions.