Bumper stickers are fun items lots of people like to put on their vehicles to express their point of view, make a statement or show off something about themselves. A bumper sticker business is one that can be started from home, run remotely and be expanded worldwide. The potential is endless if you have a quality product, market it correctly and really want to succeed then follow up by putting your plans into action. You don't need much money to start, a few thousand will get your going just fine, and you're on your way to becoming an independent business owner.

Things You Will Need
  • Website

  • Shiny sticker print sheets

  • Printer

  • Computer

  • Design program

  • Graphics experience

  • Paper cutter

  • Marketing materials

Step 1.

Design several different kinds of bumper stickers as examples. Make sure to show off not only unique and witty lines or slogans, but you also want to show a variety of designs to show off your talents as a graphic artist. There are several different kinds of bumper sticker businesses; sexy bumpers stickers, funny bumper stickers, political bumper stickers, character and child-oriented bumper stickers, and licensed bumper stickers. Decide what kind of bumper stickers you would like your company to design and produce.

Step 2.

Set up a Website to showcase some of your designs. This is easy to do with websites like Website Tonight. They give you preset formats for Websites which you can fill in and customize as you like. Luckily, they are easy enough for the average person to understand and complete within a day. Choose your custom settings for the Website. List your pricing and guidelines for customization.

Step 3.

Purchase a shopping cart account system that will allow people to make purchases directly through your website. This can run you anywhere from $100 to $500 per year. The cost depends on the number of payment options you allow and the transactions you select. You can also post special offers, deals and places that your items can be found elsewhere (like in stores).

Step 4.

Print some samples of your bumper stickers on shiny sticker paper. Cut them with clean, perfect lines on an industrial strength paper cutter. Do not use or send out anything that has any uneven edges or splintering of the edges. Peel and stick some to your own vehicle with a phone number or your website so you can show off your work and promote your business at the same time.

Step 5.

Hand out sample bumper stickers to friends and family. Ask them to spread the word. Have business cards, flyers and other marketing materials made. Distribute these and ask local businesses to display your materials--or even sell them within your store for a commission. A lot of smaller stores will be open to this possibility. The total capital needed to start a bumper sticker business for production, the Website, marketing materials, and supplies is around $3000. You can make it work with less money you will just have to be more aggressive with marketing on a budget.

Step 6.

Get the word out about your company online. Post in forums, chat rooms and networking Websites (think Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, and Blogger). Get your site listed on google and other search engines. Continue to market your business. Design new bumper stickers on a regular basis.


Make some standard bumper stickers that you can sell anywhere.


Be careful not to be too offensive with your bumper stickers. If you want to make adult bumper stickers, control your situations in which these are displayed.