Fundrasing Ideas With Mary Kay Products

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Besides being a top-selling brand of skin care and cosmetics around the world, many people know Mary Kay Cosmetics for its financial support of worthy causes, such as the fight against domestic violence and cancer research. On a local level, many beauty consultants selling Mary Kay products gladly offer their services to raise money for local groups that need funding. Consultants use numerous clever ideas to benefit fundraising efforts.

In-Person Appointments

Mary Kay representatives sell products at individual and group appointments, where they conduct skin care and color cosmetics demonstrations. Groups running a fundraising event with a Mary Kay consultant should advertise the event in newsletters, e-mail and website posts. A portion of profits from appointments with the consultant will go to the charity. Mary Kay consultants benefit when running fundraisers by gaining clients they never would have met had it not been for the fundraiser.

Fun Packs

Many Mary Kay consultants may utilize Fun Packs during fundraising events. Fun packs consist of product brochures, samples and order forms. Participants in the fundraiser pass the Fun Packs to friends and family members, asking them to browse the contents and place orders. A percentage of the proceeds from the sales get donated to the chosen charity. Fun Packs work well because they do not require participants to make a significant contribution of time.

Look Books

Look Book brochures come filled with completed makeup looks designed for different skin and hair colors. For instance, a fair-skinned woman with silver hair would find a complete customized slate of color cosmetics that will work for her. Members of the group conducting the fundraiser receive Look Books at gatherings where the consultant helps them pick out the right look for them. Consultants often have inventory on hand, allowing them to fill orders on the spot so participants go home with their new makeup in hand.

Online Party

Because of the busy lifestyle most people lead today, online fundraising parties are often an ideal option. Many Mary Kay consultants have a company website. When running an online party, the organization lets friends and supporters know to place orders on the consultant's website between selected dates. By mentioning the organization's name in the "notes" area of the order form the consultant knows that order belongs to the fundraiser. A portion of the sales from the online party goes to support the group. For instance, an animal rescue group called Papillon 911 ran an online party with a Mary Kay consultant and advertised the event by posting the information on their own website.