A company's 25th anniversary is cause for celebration. But just how should a company celebrate its sliver anniversary? That may depend on the type of company it is, its presence and perhaps its purpose. Is it a local company, or has it become an international venture? Is it a nonprofit or a company that makes a handsome profit producing machine tools? Ensuring that the celebration is consistent with the company's image and mission is important in sending the right public message.


Hosting a gala is a great way to recognize a 25th anniversary while treating employees to a memorable evening. It can be a formal affair or something more fun, like a day at a ballgame or park with employees and their families. Other event ideas include hosting a concert, perhaps with the local orchestra, or participating in a community event such as a parade.


An anniversary is an ideal opportunity to maximize exposure. Announce the anniversary on a billboard or send out news releases to newspapers and broadcasters. Give the anniversary ample play on your company website. Get the message out: You have succeeded by staying in business and growing for a quarter of a century. Partnering with community, regional or national companies in a sponsorship, charity fund-raiser or event is another way to raise your company's profile.


Produce literature recognizing the milestone by compiling a detailed history of the organization, or have a professional film crew produce a video, interviewing employees and clients. Treat employees to themed dinners, perhaps based on the company's history or on what has been popular over the past 25 years. Depending on the size of the company, perhaps you can hold an awards banquet with entertainment. Make sure everybody gets something--even a small memento, a token of appreciation--maybe something silver.