Completing 10 years of service with a company or organization is a noteworthy achievement that should be recognized with a gift. Often, companies give an employee a service bonus in the form of a check along with a gift or choice of gift from a catalog as a way of thanking him for 10 years of loyal, productive service. If you are in charge of this function for a smaller company or run your own small business and are looking for ways to recognize a high-performing employee for 10 years of service, there are a number of meaningful options open to you.


Hold a luncheon in recognition of the employee’s 10 years of service. Find out his favorite food or a local restaurant he enjoys dining at and let him know a few days ahead of time that you will either be catering in lunch for everyone from that restaurant or taking the employee and his immediate co-workers to lunch that day in celebration of his service with the company. Plan to present an additional gift to the employee in front of his co-workers at the lunch. Prepare a few comments to make in front of everyone about the employee, praising him for what he brings to the team and company.


A number of colored glass, marble and crystal awards are available for employees celebrating 10 years of service to companies or organizations. Contact a local award maker or go online to order a personalized award. Make sure you include the employee’s first and last name, as well as wording such as “10-Year Service Award.” Include your company's name and logo, as well as the month and year in which the employee achieved 10 years of service.


Visit a local jeweler or go online to arrange a selection of four or five different styles of men’s and women’s watches that fit within your budge that you have to spend on a service award for employees attaining 10 years of employment with your company. Once the employee selects the watch, have it engraved with the employee’s first and last name as well as “10 Years of Service” and your company's name or logo. Present the engraved watch to the employee on his anniversary at a special luncheon for a pleasant and meaningful surprise.

Gift Certificates

Consider your budget for employee service recognition. Select an amount that seems appropriate to you, which may be $300 to $500 or more depending. Give the employee(s) celebrating 10 years of service an American Express, Visa or MasterCard gift card, which he can use to purchase anything he wants. Consider presenting the gift card at a luncheon or cake reception, along with a few comments or hand-written card telling the employee what his strengths are and thanking him for his contributions to your team.