Fun Employee Recognition Ideas

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There are many fun employee recognition ideas that can be implemented to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. This recognition results in an increase in employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity. The workplace may also benefit from increased employee retention and a more successful recruiting effort. With the implementation of fun employee recognition ideas, employees will know that their contributions matter to their team members, clients, management and the company.

Individual Recognition

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Offer a schedule change to a successful employee. He can get a day off, come in late, leave early or take a long lunch.

Employees' work anniversaries or milestones should be recognized and celebrated. Celebrate birthdays and promotions.

Give an employee, who has been working long hours, a restaurant gift certificate large enough to take out herself and her family.

Leave a candy bar at an employee's desk along with a handwritten thank you note indicating how the employee has contributed to the company or department.

Team Recognition

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Schedule a casual day, when employees are not required to wear corporate attire, to celebrate the successful end of a long and tough project.

Coordinate a staff pizza party or "make your own sundae" event to recognize your employees' hard work.

Offer a free lunch on paydays. Employees can suggest local restaurants to cater the event.

Sponsor free chair massages at the end of a stressful but successful month.

Surprise everyone with lemon slush or ice cream bars on a hot summer afternoon. Bring in hot chocolate during a winter storm.

Hold a staff meeting at the local coffee shop or outside at a local park. Dedicate the meeting to recognizing and discussing success in your department.

Organize an official Employee Recognition Day. Ask management to serve lunch for the staff. Drop off small gifts at employees' desks. Talk about achievements and hand out certificates of appreciation.


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Every time an employee exceeds goals, write his name on a slip of paper and put it in a box. The more goals exceeded, the more chances he has to win a prize. At the staff meeting, once a month, pull a name from the box and award that person a prize.

Instead of purchasing corporate artwork from outside the company, hold a contest for your talented employees. Have categories for photography, painting, sculpture and so forth. Display the items and organize anonymous voting online. The winning artwork in each category can be purchased by the company and be displayed with appropriate artist recognition.