An anniversary is more than just a celebration of a business's success. It's also a chance to remind both current and potential customers that the company has built its reputation through hard work and a history of success. An anniversary is a reason to contact customers and generate excitement for the next year. It can increase business and name recognition, grow sales and boost employee morale.

Draw a Crowd for a Retail Business

A surefire way to help a retail business celebrate its anniversary with a crowd is to have a sale. Incorporate the anniversary number by using it as the sale savings. For example, a store that is celebrating 10 years can have a store-wide 10 percent off sale. This rewards loyal customers, while offering potential customers an incentive to drop in. Or, if the anniversary is a big one and it would be unreasonable to apply a store-wide sale discount, try emailing a special to customers who subscribe to the email newsletter. A store celebrating 60 years can offer a coupon for 60 percent off one in-stock regular-priced item on the anniversary date.

Brand It With a Logo

Incorporate the anniversary into the business logo for the year. For example, if the company is celebrating 75 years, add a small "75th anniversary" to the logo. It's important to keep the new design element in contact with your logo, adding the anniversary announcement near the end so it doesn't disrupt the logo's flow or render it unrecognizable at a glance. If your brand has unique assets that are associated with it, you may be able to use a 75th or 100th anniversary logo that doesn't even contain the company's name. For example, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the comic "Batman", DC Comics created a black and white logo that included the number 75 over the corner of Batman's iconic black cape. Add a tag line to your anniversary logo, even if it's as simple as "75 years of Batman". Paul Provost, the president of 6P Marketing, suggests you add the anniversary logo to your stationery, signage, corporate website and even the employee email signatures.

Introduce a New Marketing Plan

An anniversary is a good time to put a new marketing plan into action. Consider sponsoring a local team or a community event. For example, a pub celebrating its 5th anniversary may want to reach out to the local business association to sponsor a walking tour of pubs and restaurants. For businesses interested in a long-term marketing program, consider a loyalty program to celebrate the anniversary. For example, a coffee shop can launch a loyalty card that rewards repeat customers with free coffee. This is a good strategy for a 10th anniversary, since you can offer a buy nine, get the tenth cup free program. Young businesses can offer a discount or gift, along with a personalized thank you note, to customers who have been there since the beginning.

Celebrating Milestones

There's no reason why a company has to wait to celebrate until large milestones like 75 or 100 years. According to the US Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, only 44 percent of companies survive their first five years, so even five years is an important achievement and a reason to search through old photos and interview employees and past customers. You can build a Web page dedicated to the anniversary and use it as an opportunity to share photos of past projects and inject fresh customer testimonials into your online advertising. Have employees add the URL of the anniversary Web page to their email signatures to help spread the word.