How to Mail With FedEx

FedEx is an international shipping system designed to help you ship packages and mail across the country and around the world. FedEx's system allows you to choose the method that you want to ship an item, and you can track the item while it's in transit. Customers of FedEx can log into the FedEx website to track packages, check on current FedEx rates, manage an account, and request customer-service support.

United States Mail Delivery via FedEx

Contact FedEx by going on the Internet website. If you are a new customer, set up an account on the website. Click on the "new customer" button and then click on the purple "Open a FedEx account." Fill in your personal information and your address. The FedEx website will also require a current email address from you.

Click on "Same Day Delivery," "Next Day Delivery" or "Standard Delivery," and enter the address where you would like to ship, and the weight of the envelope or package. The FedEx website will generate a shipping label and the price of shipping. You can pay online for shipping, with a Visa or MasterCard.

Print out the shipping label and place it on the package. You can request that the package is picked up via the website, or you can drop off the package at any FedEx location.

Package Ground Delivery via FedEx

Log into your account at the FedEx website.

Press on the "Ground Delivery" option on the FedEx website once you have logged in.

Select the amount of time that you want the package to take in being delivered, the weight of the package, and type in where the package is getting delivered. Pay for the shipping process online.

Arrange via the FedEx website to have a FedEx truck come to your location to pick it up. Click on "Pick up" and type in the time that you want the package to get picked up. Perform this action at the time that you create the shipping request and the truck will pick up your package at the designated time.