How to Create a Digital Corporate Anniversary Seal

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A company celebrating a milestone—such as being in business for 5, 10, 25 or even 50 years—may commission a special logo or seal to use throughout their anniversary year. This logo or seal should be used on all advertising, media and correspondence to increase the visibility of the company and enhance its reputation as a solid community partner. A good logo or seal should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. A logo or seal with all these elements should be able to be easily converted into a celebratory statement of a company’s success.

How to Design a Corporate Anniversary Seal

Scan your current company logo or seal onto your computer if you don't already have a digital copy of your logo or seal. Scan the logo at the highest resolution to get the best quality.

Open the digital copy of the logo or seal in a graphic design software package or photo-editing software package. While the company owners and leadership will want the logo or seal to stand out and catch people's attention, making major changes to the logo might confuse customers who are looking for your specific items. Small changes that note the anniversary are important to celebrate the milestone, but a logo or seal that has been around for 10 years should not be rendered unrecognizable to your customer base.

Experiment with a color change. Colors like bronze, silver and gold are commonly used to highlight a logo or seal for a milestone anniversary. Logos and seals must also transfer from color to black and white while remaining recognizable. However, incorporating a color not familiar to your clients if you have a color logo or seal would help your business to stand out.

Add a graphic or sash to your logo or seal with the anniversary date information in the sash area at the bottom or top of the design—where a saying can be written or dates can be inserted. This will catch the eye of new customers who are not familiar with the company history.

Add a saying, slogan or relevant information to the logo or seal that gets people to think about all your business has accomplished. Sayings such as "Serving the Community for the Last 50 Years" and "On Time Delivery for 25 Years" help to show off the importance of the milestone while keeping intact the original logo or seal that your customers are familiar with.


  • Schedule an event that celebrates your milestone in which you announce the creation of the new logo. This will then bring people together and possibly encourage more business. Offering giveaways, raffles and free stuff will bring people out to the event and will get people thinking about your company.


  • Remember that the branding of your company is an important part of the identity of your corporation or organization. Don't sacrifice the celebration of a milestone by ruining the logo or seal that helped promote and keep your business running these many years.