How do I Start an Online Diamond Jewelry Business With no Upfront Cost?

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One of the impediments of starting a diamond jewelry business is the upfront costs of buying and stocking the inventory. You can overcome the obstacle of the upfront costs and start a diamond jewelry business by starting the business on line. As a diamond jewelry affiliate, you can promote and sell diamond jewelry without spending money and earning a commission on each sale.

Register as a diamond jewelry affiliate. Find jewelers that sell jewelry you want to sell, or use an affiliate program such as Linkshare or Commission Junction, to locate affiliate programs. Register as an affiliate for the company. Once you become an affiliate, the company provides you with images and links with special codes to track the sales you make from your on line diamond jewelry business.

Build a web site. Several free sites exist where you can build your own web site for free. FreeWebs, Blogger and WordPress are a few of the options you can choose. Add the photos of the diamond jewelry along with the links visitors to your site can click on to purchase the jewelry from the site you are representing as an affiliate.

Promote your on line diamond jewelry business. The key to starting and running a successful affiliate business is to drive traffic to your site. You can use article marketing as a free form of promoting your on line presence. Article marketing is when you write informational articles about diamond jewelry and post the articles to on line article directories for free. The article directories allow you to include links in your copy and in the author box with the article that readers of the article can click on to go directly to your site.

Receive commission checks. You receive a percentage of any sales that the affiliate companies make from your own on line marketing efforts. Every time a visitor to your on line diamond jewelry site clicks on the link with your special code and makes a purchase, you receive a commission on the sale, which the diamond jewelry company either mails you a check for or directly deposits money into your bank account.


  • You do not have to form a business entity to start an online diamond jewelry business as an affiliate. The company or companies you are representing simply need your full name and social security number in order to pay you as an affiliate.