Convention organizers sell exhibit booths to companies and organizations to fund the convention and to connect attendees with exhibitors they may wish to meet. Exhibitors buy exhibit booths to attract and meet potential customers or clients. Exhibitors and attendees usually exchange information and build relationships beyond the convention. Convention organizers facilitate in this exchange. There are ways to effectively sell exhibit booths.

Things You Will Need
  • List of prospective exhibitors

  • Data from previous shows

  • Testimonials from past exhibitors and attendees

  • Newsletters and to send exhibitors

Step 1.

Create a list of prospective exhibitors. Depending on your convention or show, identify companies within the industry. Reach out by contacting them through mail, since this will allow you to send additional information such as brochures and registration forms. Follow up and introduce your convention or show, detailing the benefits for them to exhibit.

Step 2.

Gather data from previous shows. Include the number of attendees, estimate the number of attendees visiting each booth, and the number of exhibitors. This data will support your selling points. Transform the numbers in a way that will speak to them. For example, if the main goal of the prospective exhibitor is to sell products at the convention, provide data regarding product sales during the gathering.

Step 3.

Compile testimonials from past exhibitors and attendees. Positive feedback from previous exhibitors will give credibility and popularity to your show. Testimonials display the success others have attained participating in your event. Testimonials from attendees are also valuable as they show how they perceive the value of the convention, and whether might come back.

Step 4.

Provide details about special exhibitor privileges depending on the type of booth they take. Many companies may want space for particular large exhibitions, and you should show how your convention could meet this need. You might have an online service to represent these booths, or provide media exposure to them.

Step 5.

Continue building the relationship beyond the convention. Conventions are events where valuable resources are available, and attendees encounter many different people to stay in touch with after the show. Capitalize on the purpose of the convention by providing resources and information through quarterly newsletters and other correspondence with both the exhibitors and attendees throughout the year. Exhibitors are likely to return when they've had a great experience and see the value of the show. Attendees may become exhibitors in the future, and it's important to reach out to them, too.