Electric staplers can staple multiple pieces of paper or documents together quickly and securely. You no longer have to fuss with manual staplers that often don’t make it through the stack. To fill the stapler with staples, the machine needs to be opened to expose the staple tray. Even though there are many models of electric staplers, the procedure for opening them is similar across most models.

Step 1.

Turn off the stapler by pressing the "off" button, if your stapler has one, and unplug it. If your stapler does not have an on/off button, simply unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

Step 2.

Lift up the top of the device. There may be a release button or level that you will need to push to lift the top.

Step 3.

Pull out the front-loading mechanism tray where the staples sit and place a strip of staples in tray.

Step 4.

Push the front-loading mechanism tray back into the compartment of the stapler.

Step 5.

Close the stapler's lid.

Step 6.

Plug the stapler back into the outlet and turn on the stapler.