How to Make Hang Tags or Clothing Labels at Home

When selling clothing, tags that give the price of and information about each piece helps make your clothing line look professional. You can make your own tags at home on the computer. Learn how in the article below.

Open a blank page in any photo-editing program.

Using the shape tool option, select grid. Draw a grid onto the blank page.


Type the price and other information into the first space.


Copy and paste the wording into each box on the grid.


You can add decorative accents using the shape tool or paintbrush.


Print the document onto thin card stock.

Cut out each hang tag.

Using a hole punch, place a small hole near the top of each clothing label.


Cut ribbon or string to 3 inches in length, and thread through the hole you made with the hole punch.


To use these hang tags as clothing labels, simply hang the string over a button or tie through the inside label.


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