Companies That Help With Starting an Invention

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One day you discovered a way to solve a problem no one else had thought about. You created an invention either as a prototype or a design on paper and now you want to get it out to the masses. Developing and marketing an invention can be a daunting task and there are several companies and avenues you can take, but you should always be wary of a scam.

Choosing the Right Route

You can take several routes when it comes to choosing a company to help start getting your invention out to the public. You can choose an all-around company like InventHelp that can help you out with every aspect of the invention process from finding investors and copyrights to marketing and manufacturing. These companies will provide a wide variety of services and marketing venues for your product, but often require a cut of the invention profits or fees for their services.

Another option is a company that will help in marketing your invention to investors and manufacturers. These firms' only service is getting your invention out there; it will be your responsibility to provide the invention. You will often have to put up funds not only for their services, but also such things as entrance fees for conventions. You would also be in charge of dealing with any interest in your product from manufacturers.

Beware of Scams

Often, an invention is the investment of years of work and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the creation of your dream. There are many businesses out there that would love nothing more than to snatch that dream out of your hands or take you for every penny you have.

These scam companies will promise you the moon and want the money up front to do it. They can throw official-looking papers and contracts at you, but never deliver on their promises. Before going with any company or to find a list of reputable companies, check with the Small Business Association, United Inventors Association or National Congress of Inventor Organizations.