Product information can persuade consumers to purchase the product. The product must fulfill a need or solve a problem that the customer may be experiencing. For example, if a customer needs a digital camera for a night time wedding event, she will look for a camera that successfully performs at night. Therefore, product developers must make it a priority to present accurate product information customers can depend on.

Things You Will Need
  • Product user manual

  • Presentation list

Provide a product overview for the reader including the name of the product, what it is used for, where to buy it as well as the name of manufacturer and specifications of the product. A detailed introduction of the product is very important, whether it is particular software, website or any other product developed by an organization. Customers need to know exactly what they are getting before they purchase a product.

Describe the functionality of the product. Readers must have a solid understanding of how the product works and under what conditions. For example, if the product is a digital camera, consumers must know whether or not a camera performs in bad weather, at night or in the harsh sunlight on a wedding day. A digital camera that malfunctions in these types of challenges may not be in a customer’s best interest.

Identify product features. Readers need to be excited about the possibilities of the product. They want to know what makes the product better than the competition or whether or not it is faster, more efficient or more user friendly. For example, if this product is a camera, the reader wants to know if it has better features than other cameras. They desire to know how fast the shutter speed can capture sports activities or quick animal movements.

List the product’s benefits in order for the customers to understand the advantages of investing in the product. For example, if the customer can save time and money, the value of the product increases or if the product is portable and user friendly, it provides benefits that can improve the chances of a consumer investing in the product.


To increase consumer interest, include a list of any accessories that will be added to the product. In case of a digital camera, for example, a developer may want to include a carrying case or a free camera battery. The more a product developer can differentiate his product from similar products that are marketed by the competition, the greater his chances of attracting consumers who are willing to invest in it.


Developers must make sure that product information is accurate. Consumers expect to get exactly what the product promises them. Inaccurate or false information can result in a massive recall or a flurry of consumer law suits. Exaggerating the features or benefits of a product can leave a permanent stain on the reputation of a developer or organization.