Companies develop marketing strategies to build a loyal customer base, to build relationships with those customers and to create value for the customer. Effective product and promotion strategies are essential in making sure your product is readily accessible in the global marketplace. Special considerations are necessary when marketing to global customers such as international issues of technology, transportation and regulation.


A straight product extension is presenting your product to a global marketplace without any changes. Some products are globally known and need no additional product or promotion changes. People want the product on a global basis, and once it is made available to them, it is purchased without having to create any additional marketing or promotion strategies.


Production and promotion adaptation strategies are used in a global market for a product that may be popular but needs to be adapted to meet local customs and demand. For example, customers of less affluent countries may need a product of similar quality that has been downscaled to be more affordable to purchase. Technology products must be altered to meet the specific language of the country being marketed to.


Another product and promotion strategy is inventing a new product to meet the needs of a particular country. For example, consumers in crowded commuting conditions might need a laptop product that better fits their travel situation, a more compact version of the typical laptop. This strategy also could take on the form of reinventing a popular product to meet the needs of a particular country or world region.

Pricing Considerations

Global product and promotion strategies must take into consideration the economic conditions of the country where products are introduced. For example, a price that might be discounted in the United States would be considered too high for poorer countries or perhaps not high enough in rich countries. To combat prices being too high in less affluent countries, a company could make a smaller or less complex version at a lower price.