Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that employs 550 people. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riordan Manufacturing Industries which has earnings of more than $1 billion. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has facilities worldwide.


The mission of Riordan Manufacturing is to ensure that it remains an industry leader in the plastic manufacturing business and provides solutions to the existing customer base while expanding. The company will achieve this by leveraging technology and innovation to maintain and achieve profitability.


Riordan's ultra-modern and state-of-the-art developments in plastic injection molding has allowed Riordan to become an industry leader and cutting-edge designers of plastic packaging and products. Over time, it has extended capabilities overseas and has plants in Georgia, Michigan and China.


Riordan Manufacturing manages employees and organization through a process called Six-Sigma. Essentially, the object of Six-Sigma is to streamline operations and perfect processes. Overall, it is a data centric management system that helps it eliminate defects in the production of a product or service. According to Six-Sigma, any manufacturing process cannot or should not product more than one defect per 3.4 million products.

Public Perception And Relations

In the past, Riordan has done a great job of managing its company perception and public relations. In fact, many schools use Riordan Manufacturing as a company to study for management case studies. In addition, Riordan is also often cited for its use of Six Sigma.

Riordan needs to continue to be wary of public perception of its company. Once more, the perception that potential employees and college graduates have of the corporation can drastically affect a company's ability to bring in new talent.


At the beginning of summer in 2007, Roth Global Plastics, a major competitor of Riordan, purchased Fralo Plastech Manufacturing. This was a very important move for Roth because Fralo possesses the biggest blow-mold machine in the world. This newly acquired infrastructure allows Roth to expand its operations to on-site waste management.

As this external pressures continues to build, it is imperative that Riordan Manufacturing continues to stay ahead of the curve in regards to developing technology. Moreover, the organization needs to keep doing a good job of promoting an innovation friendly culture. According to Riordan's website, the company is focused on "maintaining and achieving reasonable profitability to assure that the human capital and financial is available for sustained growth."

Lastly, in the next 10 years, Riordan will most likely have to overhaul its current infrastructure. It is very important that this be done in a timely and cost-effective manner.