The U.S. federal government, through the Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, offers several grants to poultry farmers to improve their farms and embrace new technologies. Grants are also available to help improve the safety of farms and to train younger workers who want to work in the poultry industry.

Integrated Research, Education, and Extension Competitive Grants Program - Organic Transitions

For poultry farmers seeking to enter the competitive market of organic and free-range foods, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture offers grants that fund education and research, and for projects that increase organic production and maintain environmental sustainability. Educational establishments can also apply for this grant to improve agricultural departments and programs dealing with organic production.

Small Business Innovation Research: Animal Production and Protection

Small Business Innovation Research grants are offered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to help small farming businesses increase efficiency, improve standards of health and safety, and maintain profitable livelihoods. The Animal Production and Protection grant allows small businesses to focus on improving conditions for livestock and producing high-quality, protein-rich animals for public consumption. For poultry producers, this grant can be used for researching new technologies to increase poultry production while decreasing concerns about communicable diseases.

Youth Farm Safety and Education Certification Program

The Youth Farm Safety and Education Certification Program offers educational opportunities and safe hands-on training for young people in the poultry farming business. It allows for training and education of youth working in, or seeking work in, the agricultural industry, and helps them to find training in non-dangerous agricultural jobs. The program also allows farmers to improve educational programs to stay in line with new laws about youth and farm safety.