Business meetings need to be effective in conveying information, but they also can use various themes to make them more exciting and interesting for the attendees. A theme can set the proper mood or help attendees better understand the agenda.

Off-Site Meetings

Some business meetings take place off-site, such as sales presentations conducted by companies located out of town or simply larger meetings that need more room. When choosing an off-site meeting venue, ask the coordinator for his thoughts on a theme to help make the meeting more effective and successful. The coordinator has experience in setting the proper theme for a business meeting, and you should use that experience to your advantage.

If the meeting is a sales meeting that needs high energy to be effective, the off-site coordinator may choose a party atmosphere, including balloons and cake and possibly even party favors. If the meeting is a critical business meeting, the theme might center on relaxation, with dim lighting and neutral colors and relaxing beverages, such as tea. Creating a relaxing atmosphere in an otherwise intense business meeting can take the edge off and allow people to discuss issues in a professional and civil manner.

Olympics Theme

Sales meetings can offer the opportunity for motivational themes. Create a slogan for your meeting and build your theme off that slogan. For example, the slogan "Going for Gold" would have the Olympics as a theme. Get flags from different countries and hang them on the walls. If you will offer incentives for people who reach various sales goals, build a tri-level medal stand and put the top prize on the gold-medal stand, second prize on the silver-medal stand and third prize on the bronze-medal stand. Have company executives dress up in gear from various Olympic competitions. The more you get into a theme and try to sell it to your meeting participants, the more effective it will be.

Clockwork Theme

Your business meeting may be about productivity in general. If this is the case, consider a theme that revolves around the idea of clockwork. Each part of a clock needs to work with the other parts, so use a clock for your meeting theme. Hang clocks on the walls, use clock terminology in your meeting presentations and maybe even give away clocks as prizes during the meeting. These techniques will drive home the idea behind clockwork, which will make the meeting content easier to remember for attendees.

Baseball Theme

Baseball is an excellent theme for sales or customer service staff, though it could apply to any department that needs help with productivity. The point is for employees to excel beyond customers' expectations and hit a home run each time they interact with a customer. Hang baseball pennants in the meeting room. Have executives dress in baseball uniforms, and encourage employees to wear their favorite baseball team jerseys.

Gold Rush Theme

This one is an obvious theme for a sales meeting, but you can make it unique. "The Gold Rush to More Sales" could be the slogan, and you could offer special prizes made of gold for salespeople who reach their quotas. You might offer necklaces, bracelets, watches or even collectible gold coins. Have executives dress as gold prospectors, and maybe have the marketing group develop a mascot for the meeting based on an old gold prospector look.

Sports Seasons

Kick off an interoffice promotion coordinated with the beginning of the season for a local favorite sports team. Offer prizes of game tickets to the employees who meet their production goals each week. Encourage employees to wear their team's clothing on Fridays, and possibly sponsor an event at a game where all employees are invited to participate.