Most entrepreneurs recognize the need to create a marketing plan. These businesspeople gather together key employees to brainstorm, re-position the company's product or service, re-define the target customer, create brilliant new strategies and build an excellent strategy. Consistent execution of your marketing plan can create the revenue increase you want from your strategy, but execution is where most companies fall down. It is easier to do things the same old way rather than make the effort to implement new strategies and tactics. That is why the key component of proper marketing campaign execution is enthusiastic participation from all your employees.

Distribute information about your marketing campaign to all employees, not just your sales reps. Encourage everyone to participate by holding progress meetings and rewarding outstanding participation. When your entire company is executing your marketing campaign, it takes on exponential forward momentum.

Engage potent media, such as local newspapers, radio, TV and public events. Putting ads and events on your company calendar, paying up-front or setting aside the money budgeted and creating your ads in advance commit you to your planned strategies. You can deliver final copy or tweak strategies later.

Track revenues to determine the effectiveness of your strategies and tactics. If you are not seeing improvement, make changes, but don't forget to let the rest of the company know about the new plan. Consistent monitoring of your campaign results and consistent use of strategies and tactics have been shown to produce the best results.


Customer service is an often overlooked component of marketing activity. Each time a customer buys a product or calls the business, you have an opportunity to pitch your marketing message. Train everyone in your company to communicate your marketing message every time they interact with the outside world. Just answering the phone "(Local Grocery Company Name), we have the freshest produce in town" delivers a powerful message and brand image.