Quality assurance meetings are held for reviewing products and services provided, and for developing policies and procedures related to maintaining high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Quality control meetings vary in size; entire organizations may attend annual company retreats for learning new customer service and quality assurance techniques, or a quality assurance manager may discuss individual quality assurance assessments with employees one-on-one.

Quality Assurance Meetings: Evaluating Products and Services

Quality assurance meetings assist companies with improving products and services. Reviewing customer feedback, analyzing sales figures, and tracking employee morale are common activities in quality assurance meetings. Quality assurance inspectors participate in meetings for discussing their findings with management. Quality assurance meetings assist companies with identifying effective policies and procedures and identifying changes needed for meeting quality assurance goals.

Using Quality Assurance for Improving Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is essential for achieving business goals. Quality assurance meetings may include workshops, exercises and brainstorming sessions for improving or changing customer service processes and standards. Managers work with quality assurance staff for identifying customer service issues compromising sales and performance. Quality assurance managers may meet with human resources for developing customer service training programs for groups and individual employees.

Tabulating and Interpreting Survey Results

Surveys provide quality assurance professionals with information about products, services, workplace environments and customers' perception of an organization or product. Quality assurance meetings are used for revealing survey results to employees. When revealing survey results, quality assurance managers may set up a framework of questions for employees to answer: "How did we do? What did we do right? What went wrong? How can we learn from our mistakes?" Meeting participants answer questions and present ideas for improving customer satisfaction and exceeding quality assurance standards.

Focusing on Quality Assurance

Reviewing an organization's quality assurance programs can lead to smaller meetings within divisions or departments. Quality assurance managers share quality assurance findings and interpret how the results impact specific departments. Strategies for responding to quality assurance reports may be discussed, or managers may announce changes to policies and procedures for improving quality.