Scrum meetings are short daily meetings, generally around 15-20 minutes long, that are designed to keep project members informed and on-course. Each meeting addresses specific features of the project. Attendees usually stand rather than sit in order to keep the meeting short and on-task. Scrums are effective for identifying problems early in a project and keeping colleagues productive.


Any employee assigned to a project will participate in daily scrum meetings. Attendance by management is permitted for receiving progress reports but feedback is prohibited.


Goal setting, problem solving, project course corrections and productivity are primary functions of the scrum. Team building and efficiency are also part of scrum meeting function.


Effective scrum meetings are held at the same time and place each time. They address what was accomplished since the last meeting and if any problems arose. Tasks to be completed by the next scrum meeting are agreed upon. Assistance and feedback are provided to associates who cannot resolve an issue preventing their progress.