The Best Ways to Motivate Employees

Keeping the workplace friendly and inviting is a major factor in increasing and maintaining good employee performance rates and overall company morale. If you're an employer interested in boosting your staff performance and creating a pleasurable working environment for your employees, several career counselors and motivational experts have plenty of advice to offer to get your business booming.

Nonmonetary Motivation

According to motivational expert Dave Worman, or "Dr. Motivation" as he's known on the Biz-Train employment and human resource website, the best ways to motivate a staff are virtually expense-free to the employer. Dave compiled a list of what, in his expert opinion, are 20 of the best ways to motivate employees without offering cash bonuses. The top five on the list included frequent recognition for accomplishments, applauding for outstanding achievements, coaching and encouragement, continued training opportunities and career path opportunities.

Rewards and Recognition

In the 2006 article "The Real Reason Employees Work: 36 Proven Ways To Motivate," the Expert Magazine website reports that money is not the number one motivational factor that enhances employee job performance. High paying salaries are enough to keep staff members showing up for work, but not enough to make them enjoy their jobs and work to full potential.The author, leadership development expert Arnold Sanow, says, "The best way to provide recognition and appreciation is through the use of rewards." Included in Expert Magazine's list of the most effective motivational strategies are a compilation of simple yet effective techniques, such as a pat on the back, public recognition, a wall of fame, frequent and regular praise, employee family rewards and personal lunch dates.

Empowering Staff Members

Most people like to be recognized for their knowledge and talents and enjoy opportunities to display or share their skills. The Contracting Business website says that an effective way to motivate employees to excel in their strong suits -- while educating the rest of your staff -- is to allow them to run workshops, seminars or demonstrations for their peers. Assign individuals to lead committees, head projects or arrange training courses. Pinpoint individual proficiencies in staff members and encourage them to train co-workers in their areas of expertise. The site also recommends that you periodically assign staff members to attend off-premise training programs and seminars and prepare presentations for your staff.

Personal Connections

Motivational speaker, author, career coach and counselor Susan Fee offers a list of the best creative ways to motivate employees on her business and personal development website. In her list of more than 20 motivational techniques used in the workplace, a number of them focus on conveying a more personal message and relating to employees as equals rather than as an authority figure. A few of the techniques include personal mentions of gratitude, thank you cards and emails for a job well-done, thank you cards to employee family members for their support, personal assistance with difficult tasks and recreational gatherings and luncheons.