Creative Ideas for Marketing Projects

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For many companies, marketing is essential to business growth and developments. Marketing projects can help your company develop a solid, effective promotional plan that can support your business goals. As you plan a marketing campaign, consider creative projects that will get your brand message in front of your audience in unexpected ways.

Floor Signs

Instead of using traditional billboards or posters to market your product or service, use floor signs to capture the attention of your target audience. Work with a print shop to design adhesive signs that will hold up even under high traffic, and place them in unexpected locations. Approach local grocery stores, coffee shops, department stores, or shopping malls and request to put down signs for a price. The businesses will appreciate the chance to make a bit of extra money by allowing the posters, and you can reach customers in a place where they aren't expecting it. Use signs that make creative use of space to relate to your product; they might indicate the size of your product, for example, or point to surrounding items that relate to your business.

Bizarre Business Cards

Because a business card is a standard marketing tool across most industries, you can use it in an unusual way to surprise potential customers into paying attention. As part of an overall marketing campaign, implement a project that involves the design and distribution of business cards that are designed to raise questions and prompt further engagement. You might print a set of four cards that fit together to form a puzzle or complete a quote; make each card design just confusing and interesting enough to pique the curiosity of viewers. You can also use unusual materials to make cards, like stretchable rubber, textured materials, metal, wood, or erasers; with this type of card, your goal is to get the customer to play with the object, thereby increasing the time your business name is in front of them. On each card, include an URL to your website for more information or use each card to encourage further action.

Performance Art

For a creative and dramatic way to market your business, hire a songwriter to come up with a theme song for your company. Ask her to make a full orchestration with background music and different vocal parts. Find a public place, like a train or bus station, and organize a group of dancers and singers who are dressed like people on the street. Broadcast the music over the loudspeaker and have the performers begin to do a routine; as it continues, more actors can join in from the crowd, surprising bystanders. At the end, ask all of the performers to hold up signs above their heads that form your business name, and have staff members hand out business cards with a link to your website. Spectators will not forget the spectacle, and may be curious enough to visit your website or location to see what other surprises are in store.