Easy Quick Fundraising Ideas

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The goal of a successful fundraiser is to earn profits for an organization or cause. Make the fundraiser as easy as possible, using volunteers and minimal materials and time investment. During the fundraiser, be sure to advertise why the funds are being collected and express appreciation to all who contribute to the cause.

Cake Walk

All ages can participate in a cake walk. You need volunteers to bake and donate cakes. Arrange the cakes on a table and place random numbers on each cake. Then place these same numbers in a bag and also arrange the numbers in a large circle on the floor. Participates must purchase a ticket or pay an agreed price. All participants choose a number in the circle to stand beside. Once the music begins, everyone begins walking around the circle. Once the music ends, the participant looks at the new number he is beside. A volunteer picks a number from a bag and calls it. If the participant is standing beside that number he wins the cake.

Selling Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets can easily be designed on a computer. Each ticket should include a space for the buyer's name, address and phone number. Give the ticket sellers several packets of tickets to sell in a given time, like one or two months. Creating some competition between the sellers may help more tickets get sold. The raffle prize can be an item such as a television, gift card or a service. Approach businesses to ask for a donation to use as the raffle prize. If you are unable to get a raffle prize donated, the group will need to purchase the prize. If you do this, make sure that you make enough money to turn a profit. Or better yet, consider a 50/50 raffle. Here, the prize is simply 50 percent of all ticket sales. (The organization keeps the rest.) It's very easy because you don't need to search for merchanise to award.

Yard Sale

Designate a Saturday morning for the group's yard sale in a busy location. Begin the sale early to catch those early morning bargain shoppers. Categorize items on various tables and place price stickers on each item. During the sale, remain flexible on prices, but do not go too low. Your goal is still to make a profit for the organization. Hang posters throughout the yard to remind the shopper that he is contributing to a cause. A week before the yard sale, create fliers and posters to place in strategic locations around town to advertise the event.

Bagger for a Day

Choose a busy store and coordinate a day when your group can help bag groceries. You will provide a service as well as easily raise funds for your organization. Place volunteers at the doors to hand out fliers explaining the purpose of your organization. Each bagger will need a quick lesson on proper bagging such as placing heavier items on the bottom. Place tip jars at each register to accept donations. Baggers should thank each customer as he exits.

Car Wash

Coordinate volunteers to wash the cars, preferably people with loads of energy. Washing cars does not require many materials. You will need water hoses, buckets, sponges and towels. Secure a busy location on a main street. If you use a restaurant or store parking lot, get the permission of the manager. Decide ahead of time if you will set a price or accept donations. Paint some signs to advertise and let volunteers hold them up to attract traffic.