Theme Program Ideas for Meetings

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Theme program ideas for meetings can sometimes seem like a distraction but if the proper theme is used, it may help to accent the point of the meeting. When you are planning a meeting you should consider whether or not a theme may help employees better understand the content of the meeting and if it will help to increase your employees' interest in the meeting. Rather than planning on a straight-ahead meeting, you should consider a theme that may make employees look forward to attending.

Surgical Theme

A surgical theme is most effective for sales and marketing meetings. The memo announcing the meeting should look like a prescription with the meeting information presented as it would be on a real doctor's prescription. The managers or executives holding the meeting should show up in surgical scrubs, including masks that can be removed when the meeting starts. A surgical theme revolves around focus. You can tell members of your staff that they need to focus on specific things to help attack the competition with surgical precision. By focusing on important areas, you can maximize your returns and increase profits.

Vacation Theme

A vacation theme is a meeting theme you would use when you have some sort of trip or vacation time offered as an incentive to employees. It may be a reward to sales people for exceeding their goal or you may give a day or two of paid vacation time to employees who maintain perfect attendance at work for the year. Encourage employees to show up to the meeting in Hawaiian shirts, shorts (weather permitting) and sunglasses. Executives and managers should dress the same way and the meeting room should have posters and palm leaves used as decorations. If you are offering refreshments at your meeting, then serve the drinks in tall glasses with paper umbrellas in them. This will help employees to visualize the idea of a vacation and inspire them to work harder toward that goal.

Super Hero Theme

A super hero-themed meeting works well with the presentation of annual employee awards or in outlining the performance metrics for the upcoming year, such as sales goals or accounts receivable collections quotas. Managers and executives holding the meeting should dress up in various super hero costumes, or at least wear a mask and plastic cape for effect. Employees should be encouraged to dress up as well. This sort of a meeting can either make a fun meeting such as annual recognition awards even more fun or it can help to take some of the edge off of a meeting that introduces sales goals. The super hero theme centers around the notion that those receiving recognition awards are super heroes in the eyes of the company and for an annual sales goal meeting, it can present to the sales staff the notion that they can achieve their goals.