Sales promotion games are fun ways to drive attention and traffic to your business. It allows you to offer an innovative approach to landing more sales and gaining brand awareness. Use games with your sales deals to excite customers and allow them to interact with you while they’re doing business with you. To make your games memorable, use them sparingly and rotate the ideas to build anticipation when you roll out each promotion.

Hand-On Promotions

A fun game to get customers excited and exhausted about your sales is the “hand-on” promotion. Allow qualifying participants to compete with each other by standing with a hand on the prize item. Tell them they are not allowed to take their hands off the prize at any time.

This game works well for big ticket items such as a wedding dress, automobile or home appliance.

Drive traffic to your establishment by announcing the promotion via television and radio advertising as well as new media outlets such as social media and online ads.

To narrow down your competitors, you can set the registration based on your own criteria such as recent engagement, home purchase, home ownership for a specific number of years or car ownership.

Set your promotion stage in the center of your business with appropriate staff to monitor when the tired competitors give up and raise their hands off the product. The last person standing wins the item; all others get a discount on the services.


Use a sweepstakes contest such as a vacation giveaway to entice customers to learn more about your products. Whether you want to get them visit your website, stop by your store or purchase a specific product, allow them to enter to win the sweepstakes prize. To make your promotion more interactive, you can have the participants fulfill a series of events such as attend an event, take a photo or send a video clip.

Scratch-Off Cards

Use a scratch-and-win card to excite customers and drive them to your website. The customer scratches off a silver strip to reveal a special discount such as 50 percent off a service or free service. Additionally, have him go to your website to enter the code, e-mail address or demographic information so that you can capture additional information for future promotional purposes.

Every card should have a base discount, for example a free smoothie or 10 percent off purchases over $50.

Scratchoff Systems is a scratch card production company that can custom-design a card for your sales promotion.

You can use these cards in a variety of ways: Increase your traffic, use date-specific sales to help increase revenue during low periods or simply create excitement to build your brand. Leave cards at your counters, insert them into bags at networking events and mail out to your target market through a direct-mail campaign.