Companies across the United States and around the world continually seek innovative ideas from private citizens to find the next great product or technology and gain an edge within a particular market. An inventor with patent-friendly ideas can take advantage of lucrative licensing deals should a company show interest in his invention. Whether the invention idea be in technology, skin care, or even windshield wipers, an innovator can usually find at least one company willing to have a look at the idea.

The Sharper Image

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The Sharper Image is a company dedicated to the very latest in tech toys and gadgets for consumers looking to stay ahead of the curve. The company maintains a dedicated team of technicians to review product ideas submitted by potential inventors. Candidates should email the Sharper Image ([email protected]) with a description of the product, a video or picture(s) of the invention, and where the product is currently being sold (if it is in that stage of production).

Sharper Image 27725 Stansbury, Suite #175 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 415-445-6125

Henkel North America

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Henkel is the parent company of bath and body products Dial and Right Guard. The company maintains the Henkel Partnership Program, an ongoing contest for potential inventors and technology innovators to submit ideas and prototypes for development by Henkel. Inventions are encouraged in the areas of home care, laundry, cosmetics/toiletries, and adhesive technologies. Henkel is especially interested in product ideas that support sustainable living and feature environmentally friendly technology.

Henkel Corporation 10 Finderne Avenue Bridgewater, NJ 08807 908-575-5001