How to Kick Start a Charity Campaign

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Fundraising is a key to any charitable organization. It is these funds that keep the nonprofit running and able to help members of your community. Whether you work for a nonprofit organization or wish to start a community charity campaign on your own, it is important to advertise the cause in a way that will reach a variety of people within your city.

Step 1

Contact your local newspaper and alert them of your new charity campaign. Ask the paper to feature your event in the community calendar printed in the newspaper. If the newspaper is willing, ask for a feature article that discusses not only your organization and its general mission statement, but more specifically, details about your new fundraising campaign. Give the newspaper your personal contact information to include in the article.

Step 2

Call your local television news station and ask that your campaign be featured on their program. Some local news organizations have specific segments highlighting community activities. If not, invite a reporter to come to your organization and tape a story about your new fundraising efforts.

Step 3

Create a banner to hang at your nonprofit's location so that people who come into your building are aware of the new campaign. The banner should be large and colorful to ensure that visitors will see it upon entering. Use your organization's logo or a unique image designed for your campaign to decorate the banner.

Step 4

Advertise your campaign on the Internet and various forms of social media. Create a Web page detailing your campaign and add a link to this new page from your charity's main website. Keep the Web page updated frequently, adding photographs of people participating in your campaign.

Step 5

Create posters to hang throughout your community that advertise your new cause. Include any pertinent information on the poster, such as contact numbers and your campaign's designated website. Copy the flyers on brightly colored paper and distribute them throughout your community. Post them on community event bulletin boards at local malls, coffee shops or schools.

Step 6

Talk about your newest campaign to friends, colleagues and members of social and religious groups. Personal connections encourage community members to participate in your event. Speaking about your passion for the organization is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to kick start your campaign.


  • Research any legal advertisement limitations your nonprofit may have and adjust your campaign preparation accordingly.


  • Enlist the help of fellow employees and volunteers of your nonprofit organization in advertising throughout your community.