A sales board is a visual tool used to track sales goals and performance. A sales board may include information like employee performance, group performance, individual employee goals and group goals. A good sales board includes a combination of factual data and motivational material. In addition to sales data, sales boards may also include motivational slogans and sales tips.

Performance Data

It is important to track the sales team's performance. Having each employees sales performance numbers, such as from the last day of selling, on the sales board is a great way to recognize top sellers and motivate the team. Having the last day's team numbers, such as the total number of sales accumulated by the entire sales team, on the board is a good way to get the employees thinking as a team.


Having individual and team sales goals on the board keeps employees focused on their jobs. A group sales goal is the number of sales expected from the entire team while an individual sales goal is the number of sales expected from an individual person. While it might sound insensitive to single out employees and let everyone know exactly where they stand, there is a growing body of management theory that suggests this kind of frankness can be a motivational force.


Graphs and other visuals can go a long way in illustrating the meaning of sales numbers. For example, a graph showing declining numbers for the company against growing numbers for a competitor company goes a long way in showing employees how tight competition is in the industry. Another good idea for motivational visuals is to include stars or other stickers next to the top sellers' names on the board. These kind of visuals can make employees feel appreciated.

Motivational Slogans

Motivational slogans and catch phrases can be included on a sales board. These kinds of content can remind the sellers of their goals and, if recited frequently, can help build a sense of team solidarity. A slogan is like a company motto -- for example "XYZ Holdings: We're the Best at X, Y and Z!" A catch phrase is a short saying that reminds employees of sales goals.