How to Start an Online Advertising Company

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Many businesses have turned to online advertising as a way to market their organizations. Online advertising offers many benefits for both large and small organizations. With the global use of the Internet, online advertising reaches a larger audience than offline advertising at much lower costs. Online advertising allows companies to put out ads to a targeted market quickly. With companies transitioning to online advertising, there is a need for online advertising companies. Starting an online advertising company doesn’t require much startup cost. The main tools you will need for your business are a computer and the Internet.

Acquire search engine optimization (SEO) skills. Search engine optimization is used to help online users find websites and blogs. It is important to have these skills because you will receive more advertising clients when your website is highly ranked in the search engines and receiving a lot of visitors.

Acquire HTML skills. If you plan to create a website to offer advertisement space, you may need to know basic HTML codes. You can attend a course that teaches HTML or search online for tutorials. Some hosting companies offer website templates that eliminate the need to know HTML.

Create an online directory. An online directory is a website that lists information about businesses. Companies use online directories as a way to advertise their businesses as they would in a phone book. You may want to create an online directory catering to a specific industry. For example, you can create an online directory for restaurants and offer listing space to local restaurants.

Create a niche website that offers advertisement space. A niche website is a site catered around a specific topic. For example, you can create a site about investing in the stock market. As your site grows in popularity, you can offer advertisement space for a certain time period. People most interested in advertising on your site will have businesses related to your niche.

Offer copywriting services. If you have experience as a copywriter, offer your services to many online and offline businesses. Internet marketers depend on copywriters to write copy for sales pages for their information products. Offline customers also depend on copywriters to write ads, newsletters, brochures and other marketing products.

Set your advertising prices. The prices you charge for advertising will depend on the services you’re offering and the length of time you’re offering those services. Check with online competitors to get a sense of what is charged in the industry.

Advertise your services to gain clients. You can advertise your company on Internet marketing forums, Craigslist and advertising websites.


  • Taking courses and reading advertising books will help you improve your skills as a copywriter.


  • Do not spam other sites and customers in an attempt to increase your website's ranking.