The Trodat Printy 4913 is a self-inking stamp that prints up to six lines of text in one of several colors -- black, red, blue, violet and green -- via a replaceable Trodat SWOP-Pad ink pad. The rectangular pad is housed in a slot near the center of the stamp. Trodat has designed the 4913 with a simple release mechanism that makes changing the ink pad effortless. Typically, you can change the ink pad and start printing again within two to three minutes.

Hold the Trodat Printy 4913 in your hand. Press down on the top about 1/4-inch and then press the buttons in on the sides of the stamp to lock the stamp in the pressed-down position.

Press your fingertip, or the tip of a pen, against the button at the front of the stamp to release the ink pad slightly from the stamp. Tilt the back of the stamp down, away from you, to slide the ink pad out of its slot.

Remove the ink pad from the slot -- making note of the orientation of the pad as you pull it away. Set it aside for disposal.

Remove the new ink pad from its packaging and slide it into the slot until you’ve pushed it flush against the sides of the stamp.

Push down on the top of the stamp, as if you are about to use it to stamp something, until you hear or feel the locks on the sides unlock so that the stamp pushes down with ease.