If you feel that your team is lacking energy or not feeling motivated about work, a pep talk can boost morale and steer team members in the right direction. Done effectively, a pep talk can uplift and encourage employees to do their best at work. However, you don't want to ramble on a topic unrelated to work or talk about something that makes you more distant from your team.

Praise Your Team

When you are preparing a pep talk, focus on how you can motivate your team. Praise staff members and recognize employees working hard for your company. Mention how an employee became a top seller for your company or exceeded goals in the office. When you praise employees in front of their colleagues, it makes them feel valued. During your pep talk, distribute awards to these employees to show how much they are appreciated.

Use Visual Aids

Whether you are showing a heartfelt video or adding a funny saying in your presentation, visual aids can augment your pep talk and help people feel motivated about their work. You may want to show a video displaying how employees went beyond their job duties to help a customer or client. During your presentation, use inspirational quotes about careers and life that can motivate your team. Include these sayings on a handout so staffers can read it during stressful times at work.

Set Goals

Create goals for your team and share it with them during your pep talk. Whether it is a short-term, team-oriented goal or a personal goal for each team member, your pep talk should discuss ways for them to get maximum results at work. Let your team know that you are expecting them to achieve these goals.

Provide Direction

Goals by themselves aren't the entire answer -- provide resources or guidance necessary to help your team move forward to achieve all goals. Giving your staff a roadmap to success increases their optimism that they'll hit the mark. Provide details about any rewards available for your team achieving these goals, such as a party or bonus.