How to Laminate a Poster

The laminating process coats paper in plastic to protect it from wrinkling and moisture damage. Consider the value of the poster you want to protect before laminating it, since covering it will reduce its value. If you do decide to laminate your poster, the task is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once done, hang it with poster tack instead of push pins so that you don't break the barrier.

Plug the laminating machine into a wall plug and turn it on. The on and off switch is normally located in the front. A light comes on when you turn on the machine. It is either red or yellow, indicating that you should not use the machine; it is not hot enough.

Adjust the dial for thickness if you have an adjustable temperature setting. The thicker the thing being laminated, the hotter the coils need to be. With a poster, however, you don't need it too hot. Instead, set it at about medium.

Place the poster in the protective cover. This is a thick, almost cardboard-like folder.

Insert the cover with the poster inside, into the front slot of the laminate machine, after the light turns green. Place the folded end of the cover into the machine first.

Take the folder from the back of the machine as it comes out the other side. Open the cover and remove the poster. Be careful since it might be too hot to touch for a few seconds.