With attention-grabbing graphics, layout and wording, brochures are designed to get your attention and keep it. Tri-fold brochures are a way to advertise goods or give out information on a product. They are called tri-fold because these brochures are folded into three panels. Information on the brochures is laid out in a way that makes it easy to read. Some brochures give you basic information and some will give you detailed information.

Start with the folded brochure. Start reading the front page. This front is the cover and is folded on the left-hand side. The cover is the attention-grabbing piece of the brochure.

Open the cover to reveal the inside front panel. This panel is folded on the right-hand side and is usually set aside for a summary or introduction about what the rest of the brochure is about.

Open the front panel to reveal the three-panel spread. This spread has material written on it which gives you detailed information about the product or service.

Close the brochure, and turn it over to reveal the back. This part of the brochure is on the back of the center of the three-panel spread and usually has contact information on it. Read this section last.

Read the brochure like you would a book—left to right, top to bottom—on each panel. When you open it to read the three-page spread, start at the left panel and move to the right.