How to Write a Business Card for Cleaning

Your business card is a direct reflection of your cleaning company. It needs to convince people you are capable and trustworthy enough to clean someone's home or business. Start by reviewing each of the elements of the card to see how you can turn the piece into a sales tool that keeps your schedule full of cleaning projects.

Getting Started

If you lack design software or a way to make the cards yourself, custom business cards specific to the cleaning industry are offered by a variety of business card printers, such as Vista Print and Overnight Prints.

Design and Images

Review the characteristics of the people you want to approach for cleaning work as this helps determine how the card should be designed. It also gives you a clue as to what imagery to use on the card. For example, a card with a picture of a mop, a bucket of cleaning supplies or a smiling maid gets your message to a budget-conscious audience. But if you want to attract clients of luxury homes, use a professional photo of a room filled with carefully placed high-end furniture or a stunning view to exemplify whom you work with. Images are available from most microstock photo companies for just a few dollars, including or Shutterstock. To further appeal to this market, use heavy card stock and rich, deep colors.


  • Use colors on your business card that match your website and your print marketing materials, suggests Fast Company.

Staff Photos

A photo of your team of cleaners, or, at the very least, a photo of yourself as the business owner, helps people feel more comfortable asking you to come into their home to clean. Plus, the photo helps jog a person's memory and helps you stand out from competing companies, says Forbes. The team or self photo can go on the back of the card if you use the front to display a more glamorous image. Don't forget to add your company logo to the card -- the same one that appears on your crew's uniforms and on your vehicles to create your brand.


  • For a team photo, make sure everyone is smiling and wearing your company's uniform with the logo prominently showing.


Your card needs at least the basics, including your name, email address, title and phone number. Add a website address that links to a list of your cleaning services, rather than your home page, suggests Entrepreneur. Leave plenty of white space to reinforce the concepts of cleanliness, tidiness and a lack of clutter. State what type of clients you prefer to work with, such as "luxury homes" if you work with high-end residences. You can also mention what types of cleaning services you offer, such as "full residential services" or "environmentally friendly cleaning." Use the back of the card to list your services or to make a strong call to action, such as "call us today for a free estimate."

Size and Shape

Traditional business cards are fine for cleaning companies, but change the size or shape to grab attention or to stand out from other cleaning companies. For instance, create a cutout of a broom to use as the shape of your business card. Another way to grab attention is to make an oversize business card that allows more room to list the cleaning services you offer or to add testimonials from satisfied clients.