When potential customers are curious about a product, it is important that a company has a compacted list of specifications, details and distributors available. A business line card can help keep track of such information and can, depending on the needs of the company, serve as a detailed list. However, there are dangers to using a business line card and being unaware of these can severely damage a company’s reputation.


A business line card is a printed document or brochure that lists the names of the products a company or distributor offers. A business line card can also be called a product line card, as the information displayed on the list is primarily product-related. Business line cards can be either simple or complicated, depending on the information needed for a single product.


The function of a business line card is to provide buyers with descriptions of specific products, as well as information about distributors and manufacturers. The goal is to inform curious individuals about the products available from a specific company. Line cards can also be quite beneficial as references when making sales calls and are often available on company websites to potential customers. These lists are often useful to prospective clients who seek to compare prices, distributors or product specifications.


There are several types of business card lines depending on the products available. The main difference between line cards pertains to the structure of the card. For example, if one company deals with only one brand of products, the line card would be a simple list. However, if the product line includes several brands, names or identical products from different providers, the list might be quite complicated. It might be organized alphabetically by distributor, brand name or product name. There might also be subcategories for each of these labels. Each of these would have their own product number and specifications if applicable.


The greatest benefit of having a business line card is the ability to offer the most updated information to potential customers about any products being sold. It is also a method used frequently by companies to introduce new products to a market, stay current in terms of developments within a given industry and remain aware of competitors. Lastly, the use of a business line card gives customers access to a local distributor whom they can easily contact when looking for more information pertaining to certain products or to directly purchase products.


While having a business line card can be quite beneficial, it can also be a burden. The reason for this is the necessity of having to update the list frequently. It is significant that the information presented on the business line card is up-to-date and fresh with relevant addresses and contact information. If the business line card expires or becomes outdated, it reflects poorly on the corporation and can affect a company's reputation. To have a successful business line card, update it frequently with as much data as possible to avoid any complications down the road.